McAfee Total Protection for window and mac


Advancement in technology is the sole reason for the rise of the computer age. Today, most of the implements being used whether in agriculture, business, medicine and even education are heavily dependent on computers. Computers are generally prone to attacks by malware and viruses that lead them to malfunction. In order to ensure that you keep these viruses out, you may need to use certain software that will protect your computers. This software can also be installed in the event that the computer is already under attack and you need to get rid of the virus. Different types of computers respond differently to the different protective software available in the market today.

More about the McAfee total protection or window and mac



McAfee is one of the most popular software that is used by many people to get rid of viruses from computers. It is also very common software that can be used to protect computers from attack. As the title suggests, this software can be used for not only Windows devices but also Mac. Some of the features of the software include the following;


  • Maximum protection


The ability to protect Macs, mobile phones and even PCs and tablets from malware and virus attacks. The software has a wide range of viruses it is able to combat and destroy ensuring that your appliances are safe and operate smoothly. Currently, the subscription rate has been reduced to $49.99 only. With the subscription, it is easy for you to protect a very wide range of devices. This is very convenient for you because you are able to protect all your PCs, tablets, mobile phones and even Macs with only one subscription. With the McAfee software or, you are also able to monitor all your devices from a centralized location and easily add new devices.


  • It has a password manager


The function of the password manager is to save ad remember all the passwords you use in your devices. This is also a feature that makes your work easier as you do not have to remember all your passwords. The usernames of all the websites you log into are also saved and kept secure. In addition to having all your details saved for you, you are also able to rest easy with the knowledge that they are in a safe place. The software is also able to create and save complex passwords for the online accounts you log into and automatically syncs all your devices.


  • It has comprehensive mobile security


The McAfee software is able to prevent loss of data from your devices and even safeguard them against theft and risky applications. These are some of the sources of viruses and malware in computer devices. The software is able to locate the stolen devices, lock them, protect the data on them and wipe any malware that may be installed in them. The software is also able to protect the data on the mobile devices from being erased by presence of malware in them, which is a common occurrence.


  • It is equipped to guard the devices from online threats and viruses


These devices are often used to browse the internet and this can be a source of viruses and malware in the computer devices. Since the nature of the viruses may change from time to time, this software is very helpful in ensuring that the security of the devices stays updated. This way, they are able to resist attacks from the latest viruses and malware. The software is also able to reveal the identities if hackers that try to access the data in the computers and either destroy it or steal it. The software also makes it easy for you to surf the internet, bank online, and even send and receive emails without the threat of viruses.




The McAfee Total Protection for Window and Mac is software that has been developed to ensure that these devices are free from malware and virus attacks. This software has several features as listed above that are very helpful in ensuring that it is effective. The software in addition to many other features is able to efficiently protect many devices at the same time. This makes it very convenient because you can use it to secure all your Window and Mac devices at the same time.